Board and Train

Looking for an Intense Training Class?

Get dog boarding and training services in Acadiana

Your dog learns a lot during a training class. But they may try to revert back to old habits when they get home. If you need help getting their training to stick, get dog boarding and training services with Louisiana Working Dogs in Acadiana.

Your dog will stay with us during the session and come home fully-trained. You can get boarding with our puppy foundation and basic obedience, advanced off-leash obedience, detection and guard dog training classes. Visit our Obedience Training and Working Dogs pages today to learn more about our classes.

• Puppy Foundation: 4-6 Weeks
• Advanced Obedience with e-collar Training: 6-8 Weeks
• Personal Protection: 10-12 Weeks depending on evaluation of the dog
• Guard Dog: 10-12 Weeks depending on the evaluation of the dog
• Detection Class: 10-12 Weeks
Enjoy all the benefits of boarding and training services

You may be wondering if boarding your dog during training is the right choice. Well, there are many benefits of doing this. Dog boarding and training classes:

  • Work faster than training classes alone
  • Give your dog more chances to socialize
  • Provide training reinforcement you may not be able to do at home

Sign your dog up for our obedience or guard dog training and boarding classes today. All classes are customizable to better meet your dog’s needs.