Private Sessions

Give Your Pup Personalized Attention and Instruction

Schedule private dog & leash training sessions in Acadiana & surrounding areas

Are you worried that your dog won’t get the personalized attention they need in a training class? Are they not socialized enough to be around a large group of dogs? Louisiana Working Dogs has the perfect solution.

You can sign your furry friend up for private dog training sessions in Acadiana & surrounding areas. You’ll be invited to stay and take the handler’s course, which will meet the specific needs of you and your dog. Schedule an appointment for our private leash training classes today.

Customize training to meet you and your dog’s needs

We offer a variety of private dog training classes. You can sign your pup up for one-on-one:

Obedience classes
Leash training classes
Personal protection classes
Detection classes

Sign up for one of the above classes right away. Your dog must be at least 14 weeks old.